Live from DC’s – COMING BACK SOON!

Haven’t been doing many webcasts since our big move to Tasmania – sorry! But they should return some time soonish 🙂

In the meantime, there are a couple of clips of old webcasts below, and there are plenty more on Youtube and Facebook if you can find them.

Oh, and here’s a bird’s eye view of my new(ish) Tasmanian studio.

My new studio!
My new studio!

Joining the Live From DC’s Facebook group is a great way to keep up to date with when the webcasts are happening! 🙂

Back in Melbourne days!

Here’s something from my final Melbourne webcast… hope you enjoy it!

Previous Shows & News

We had our very good friend Tony Sables joining us on lead guitar for our 19 Sep 2015 webcast. Very impromptu – he came over to visit when he heard we were moving to Tasmania and we decided to do the show right away!I knew Tony was pretty handy with Beatles guitar parts so here he is on our version of George Harrison’s “Something”:

Our mutual friend Mondo Quinn was watching the show and both he and Tony had recently been to see “The Manfreds” so, as a tribute to Mondo, we did this ramshackle version of “The Mighty Quinn”…

And thanks to all who watched!

Here are some videos of the show captured by the remarkably dedicated viewer Debbie, who watches the show on her TV and her computer at the same time!

<a href="">Pop Art by DC Cardwell</a>

Please add your name to my MAILING LIST (see box at the right) to be informed of future shows… and I sometimes forget to notify the mailing list, especially for the impromptu shows, so if you’re on Facebook, join the Live From DC’s Studio group.

DC’s New Album, Pop Art

Well, yes, the biggest news is my new album!

DC-Cardwell-POP ART-All four panels-572 wide

Listen at – AND if you choose to buy it from there (best option!) you’ll get the bonus tracks and also the PDF lyric and chord books.

(If you prefer iTunes or Amazon or JB HiFi or any of the usual digital distributors you can also get it from them, but without the  extras. If you’d do, and you wish you hadn’t missed out on the extras, contact me and I’ll see what I can do!)

See you at!

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