Ticketek refunds for Noel Fielding’s cancelled Melbourne show, Athenaeum Theatre, 23rd Oct 2012

Note regarding refunds of cancelled show tickets:

We had tickets for both nights (we’re big fans!) and when the theatre manager announced that Tuesday night’s show was cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday he said that if we couldn’t make it on Thursday we could get a full refund of our ticket price. We can’t make it tonight for the rescheduled show and so I checked the website and it said that, for people who ordered their tickets online, they had to return them to one of four city Ticketek outlets no later than Thursday 25th Oct! A bit awkward for some people!

But, because we were going to both shows, we brought our printed tickets along to the venue for Wednesday night’s show and presented them at the Athenaeum Theatre box office (which was one of the four nominated Ticketek outlets) for a refund. The woman at the counter discussed this with the manager and then said that we couldn’t get a refund there, despite what the website said! She said we would have to mail them to Ticketek for a refund, which seemed a bit old-fashioned and daft considering the purchase was all electronic anyway.

However, the next day I called Ticketek at 132849 and was confronted, of course, by an automated voicemail system. Happily, though, it didn’t take long to get through to a real person. She took my details and was able to refund the money to my credit card right away. She said it will take it up to three days to come through but I presume everything is OK. So that was easy enough after all!

~ DC

PS: For our review of Noel’s Wednesday night show, click here:

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