My New Glockenspiel

Here are some photos of me and my new toy “Angel” glockenspiel that I got for Christmas. Well, I’m not sure if it’s a toy – it sounds pretty good to me. But it looks like a toy.

You can hear it on my new song (I Am Still The Same) which I recorded this week.

It’s not exactly good-time party music, but, well, let me know what you make of the lyrics. They refer to a very specific scenario, but I expect they can resonate with a lot of different situations depending on what the listener takes out of them.

I’ve also made available on Reverbnation the original acoustic demo which I did in one take. It’s pretty rough, but I liked the feel and so, instead of starting again from scratch, I used it as the basis for the full version and simply overdubbed some more vocals, bass and electric guitars, as well as the glockenspiel and some toy sleighbells.

It’s only a rough mix and I may go back and do more stuff to it or even re-record the whole thing, but, hey…

DC Cardwell's Angel Glockenspiel 8th Jan 2009
My new Angel glockenspiel
DC Cardwell with Angel Glockenspiel 8th Jan 2009
Laying down some heavy glock.
DC Cardwell - Angel Glockenspiel Spiel 8th Jan 2009
The box. It’s poetry, really, isn’t it?
DC Cardwell and Hofner bass in studio 8th Jan 2009
And this is me at my computer where I recorded I Am Still The Same

Happy New Year! ~ DC