Songs about Tom – you think *I’m* Sad?

Was Tom Anderson YOUR friend in 2006?

[imported from Myspace]

There’s a bloke called Count Boogie (possibly not his real name) who has a whole profile devoted to Songs About Tom. (

I think that makes me feel better… I think!

The same aristocrat of dance was kind enough to say good things about my Tom Song, so that’s cool!

I had an email from one music biz person (hi!) who said that I have to decide between comedy and serious music. Well now, I never considered Tom Is Everybody’s Friend a comedy song! If it was, it wouldn’t be a very funny one. It’s just faintly humorous, but it’s not a novelty song, any more than Dedicated Follower Of Fashion is a novelty song.

And didn’t The Beatles put Tomorrow Never Knows and Yellow Submarine on the same album, Revolver, widely acknowledged to be their best?

While I’m rambling, thanks to the two radio show presenters who put such encouraging comments on my profile – I wish I had real product to send you, but there are CDs on their way in the meantime!

Cheers – DC

2012 ADDENDUM: Tom Anderson never acknowledged “Tom Is Everybody’s Friend” at the height of MySpace (and why would he?) but in July 2011 when he was reigning over Google+ as its guest guru, he heard the song at last and commented “Nice song! There was a guy who wrote about 10-15 – an entire album “songs about Tom” – they were parodies. I’d never heard yours; it actually sounds legit :)”

DC Cardwell's Tom Song in Myspace player - screenshot from August 2007
DC Cardwell’s Tom Song in Myspace player – screenshot from August 2007