I Need Your Help [Newsletter 27th Dec 2009]

NOTE: This song contest is now over (this post is from 2009). The good news is that my song won and I received around $600 and lots of exposure!

It’s me, DC, bothering you for the second time in a week. It never snows but it blizzards, or something to that effect.

(Speaking of snow – I hope you had a great Christmas! We didn’t have any snow here in Melbourne, funnily enough.)

Well, it’s just that I’ve been selected for this really big opportunity. It’s run by Microsoft and it’s to promote “Windows 7“. If you’re an Apple person, just bear with me for a minute!

On Monday they’re going to post  my song “The First Time” at www.reverbnation.com/playlist7 and you will be able to download it for free and also vote for it.

If my song wins it then gets posted more widely for the general public to download as part of this Microsoft campaign, and I get some money. Not a lot of money, but  enough to keep me in guitar strings for a while, and more importantly, it will be extremely valuable publicity for me and it will get my song on to lots of people’s iPods! (Are we allowed to mention iPods, Mr. Gates?)

The song is posted (for 24 hours only) tomorrow,  Monday 28th Dec at 11am EST (New York), which is, for example

  • 8am – California, Vancouver
  • 10am – Tennessee, Louisiana
  • 11am – New York, Michigan
  • 4pm – UK, Ireland
  • 5pm – Germany, France
  • 11pm – Thailand, Indonesia
  • 3am (Tuesday)  – Victoria, NSW

So… perhaps head over to www.reverbnation.com/playlist7 right now. You can download any or all of the seven songs that are up now.

And DEFINITELY go there on Monday or Tuesday and vote for my song!

With much gratitude,

~ DC