DC Cardwell now on Pandora Radio!

My music is now on Pandora!

I think this is good! To tell you the truth, I’d never previously used the service before, although I’ve signed up for it now, as a user as well as an artist. I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with it. (At least those of you who live in the US, Australia and New Zealand – it’s restricted to those territories for the time being.)

What is Pandora Radio?

DC Cardwell on Pandora Music

Yes, that’s me on right after Fairport Convention

It’s been around for a while. Much longer than Spotify, in fact it was founded in 1999 – that’s the last century! A long time ago in the world of music streaming. Many years ago I was visiting a new acquaintance and, to my amazement, she and her teenage kids were happily enjoying music streamed from Pandora into their living room. I’d vaguely heard of it but was actually quite surprised and impressed that people I knew were actually using it! It seemed a bit Jetsons to me. In a good way. Oh yes, this was just down the road, but my friend was American so that explained why she was using something so cool and modern! Some things never change – she probably had a microwave too.

If you’re not familiar with it, basically, the deal is that you tell it some of the artists you like, and it suggests other music that it feels is similar to what you like. You can then give  thumbs up or thumbs down to what you hear, and Pandora will refine the music it plays for you.  You can listen to it in a web browser (i.e. what you browse the internet with) or with an app on your iPhone or similar smartphone.

The Music Genome Project

This is all done by a combination of science and human experts, as far as I can tell. You may have heard of the Human Genome Project, which was (very loosely speaking) a massive scientific project to identify the components up of human DNA. Well, Pandora is based on The Music Genome Project, which, according to Wikipedia, was “developed by [Will] Glaser with musical input from [Tim] Westergren. The idea was to create a separate, individualized radio station for each user having just the “good” music on it, with none of the “junk” that other users like. In order to achieve that goal, they had to bring different styles

The Beatles followed up by John Lennon live on Pandora

The Beatles followed up by John Lennon live on Pandora

of music together into a predictable pattern for analysis. They created 400 specifications for each song that is then compared to the listener’s preferences in order to suggest other songs or artists with similar characteristics.”

The writer of this article assumes that “Pandora’s team of curators expects excellence from all the music they accept. As Tim Westergren, Pandora’s founder, has said:  “You have to earn your way into Pandora.”

So that’s nice 🙂

Is it Really A Good Thing?

There has been some controversy recently about Pandora’s rates of payment to the artists. I’m not really interested in getting into that argument in this post.  At this point in my career I only know one thing for sure – that my main aim is to get my music heard by as many people as possible! And it seems to me that Pandora is a good way of getting it into the ears of the very people who might like it, but would never have heard it otherwise. We all know that algorithms are changing our lives in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. Well, for me, right now, I’m happy to have the Music Genome Project’s algorithms on my side.

What can YOU do to help?

Don’t sign up for Pandora simply because of me! But, on the other hand, it’s easy to signup, and, well, I’ve had it trundling along in another browser tab while writing this post and, I have to admit, it’s been really effective at playing music I like.

I’m really fussy about the music I listen to (“No! You’re kidding!”my sarcastic friends), but it has kept it on the right path so far – I have enjoyed practically everything I’ve heard, to my amazement, really.

OK, I’ve helped it out by clicking the “Add Variety” button and typing in the names of artists I like, and you can do that to, but it’s also come up with a lot of other artists I wouldn’t have normally listened to. I’ve given two or three thumbs down, that’s all. (Not telling you who to!)

So if you’re already using it, or fancy giving it a chance, you could help me by typing in MY name. Or just find me at http://pandora.com/dc-cardwell – and when my songs are playing, click on the THUMBS UP button!

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How To Get Your Music On Pandora Radio

Having said that, until recently it really was difficult to be featured on Pandora unless you were signed to a major record label or publisher. But they have at last made it possible for anyone to apply for submission. There are certain conditions you have to fulfill, and even then you’re not guaranteed to be accepted. Obviously they still want to maintain their reputation of serving up good music for their listeners. But if you’re an artist, you can submit your music at Pandora Submission Page.  You should set up your own listener account first, unless you’re in a country which doesn’t have the service, in which case you should first email musicandcomedy@pandora.com and they will help you.

– DC  (http://pandora.com/dc-cardwell)

Hemifran representing Marjorie and DC Cardwell in Europe & Scandinavia

Marjorie and I are very pleased to announce our new association with Hemifrån who will be promoting our music in Europe & Scandinavia.

Hemifrån come very highly recommended and they have represented a very wide range of artists, including some very well-known names such as Daniel Lanois, Dave Rawlings, Jackson Browne, Levon Helm, Wanda Jackson, Kasey Chambers, Indigo Girls, The Long Ryders, Jerry Douglas, Judy Collins… need I go on?!

Hemifran represent Marjorie and DC Cardwell

Despite the fact that we both come from Europe ourselves (Northern Ireland to be precise) this is our first serious push into that part of the world in this stage of our career and we’re very excited about it.

We’ve already been picking up some significant airplay and expect our exposure in various media to increase as time goes on.

About Hemifrån

Hemifrån is an independent A&R, promotion and marketing company based in Sweden and their cool motto is “Gut Music For All People” – so that suits us, as Marjorie and I like to listen to music that “gets you in the gut” and we try to make music that has the same effect. They promote all kinds of music including powerpop, singer-songwriter, heavy rock, blues, westcoast-pop, country, AOR, jazz, Americana, electronica and rock’n’roll, and again, we figure that works for us as we feel we have toes in several of those genres!

To find out more about Hemifrån visit www.hemifran.com (where you will find an article about us in the “news” section, dated 26.09.2012) or click on their logo above.

~ DC

Marjie and David Cardwell

DC makes “Best Of 2011” list!

The delightful Tamara Tillinghast of The Think Tank show on Mixx 96.1 KXXO in Olympia, WA played her “Best of 2011” today and I made the list! I was especially chuffed because most of the other artists on her list are very well-known and acclaimed artists, not just indie no-names like me, so it pretty cool to be in such esteemed company. 🙂 ~ DC

Jens Lekman – “A Promise”

The Red Button – “Caught in the Middle”

Fruit Bats – “Tony the Tripper”

Feist – “Bittersweet Melodies”

Drive-By Truckers – “Everybody Needs Love”

Emmylou Harris – “Home Sweet Home”

The Decemberists – “January Hymn”

Iron and Wine – “Me and Lazarus”

The Bees – “I Really Need Love”

Eleanor Friedberger – “Inn of the Seventh Ray”

Sondre Lerche – “Go Right Ahead”

Crooked Fingers – “Our New Favorite”

DC Cardwell – “Peace and Love”

Wilco – “Sunloathe”

Lucinda Williams – “Blessed”

David Lowery – “Raise ’em Up on Honey”

I’m From Barcelona – “Get in Line”

The Ladybug Transistor – “Breaking Up on the Beat”

Over the Rhine – “Days Like This”

Thao and Mirah – “Little Cups”

Alison Krauss & Union Station – “Dimming of the Day”

Neil Young International Harvesters – “Get Back to the Country”

Kerosene Halo – “And So it Goes”

They Might Be Giants – “Celebration”

Gillian Welch – “Silver Dagger”

Stuck In The Middle With Chet And Sarah

Here’s the playlist from Triple R‘s Vital Bits on Sunday. It’s nice to be played amongst company that’s not just stellar but… help me, what’s bigger than stellar? I also find it cute that I write a song with a few vaguely jazz chords in it and get slotted between Sarah Vaughan and Chet Baker. I’m not quite sure that I can compete with the likes of them, but happy to be at that party.


here we go again – ray charles

good morning heartache – billie holiday

just to be home with you – shane mcgowan

the beast in me – johnny cash

play with fire – tex don and charlie

smoke gets in your eyes – dinah washington

in the dark – norah jones

gloomy sunday – mel torme

fly… night bird – roy buchanan

since i’ve been loving you – led zeppelin

wee wee hours – eric clapton and chuck berry

georgia on my mind – india arie

that lucky old sun – ray charles

walkin’ – miles davis

fever – louis prima and sam butera and the witnesses

lovely day – bill withers

twilight – elliot smith

born to be blue – chet baker

i am still the same – dc cardwell

but not for me – sarah vaughan

modern love – last town chorus

waiting for the tide to turn – dingoes

monique’s song phone-in

melancholy march – julie london

ain’t never been to spain – henry wagons

sometimes –melanie horsnell

someday – tracey miller and andy baylor

i blew it – henry wagons

over in glory land – tracey miller and the sunbeams

25 stations – my friend the chocolate cake

sinnerman – nina simone

workin’ in the coal mine – lee dorsey

new york mining disaster 1941 – bee gees

Two of my songs on Pop Garden Radio Anniversary Special!

[imported from Myspace]

Current mood:grateful

Many of you fans of tuneful and energetic pop/rock/powerpop music will already be familiar with Adam Waltemire‘s Pop Garden Radio show on WMEL Radio out of that other Melbourne, the one in Florida.

Pop Garden Radio logo-SQ

Adam was one of the first people to encourage me when I put my efforts songs up on MySpace, and in fact he gave me a huge boost of confidence by playing me on the show and asking me to submit a track for the forthcoming Rick Nelson Tribute Album that he is putting together.

So it is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that tomorrow (Sunday 27th May) is the show’s 2nd Anniversary special!

Adam will be playing not one but TWO of my tracks on the show, namely my version of Rick Nelson’s very beautiful self-penned song “Life”, and also my rendition of “I Wanna Stay Home” by Jellyfish. (I’m just hoping he doesn’t play them as part of his “What the Heck is This?” segment!)

I’ve also recorded a little jingle for the program, which he might just manage to slip in as well. My first effort at jingle-writing, which I composed in exactly the same length as it took to play!

Pop Garden Radio airs late Saturday night in the USA, 12am to 5am Eastern on AM920 WMEL as well as on the web at www.popgardenradio.com so don’t miss it! ~ DC

I was number 9 on the dance charts at Triple J Unearthed!

[imported from Myspace]Triple-J-Unearthed-Logo

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Just a reminder that you can rate my music and even review it at the Triple J Unearthed website: www.triplejunearthed.com/dccardwell

I haven’t really been checking my profile there for months, but I went there just now and discovered that I was listed as a “DANCE” artist! Which is fair enough, but doesn’t really give the right impression, does it? (On the other hand, I had some people up dancing to my soulful guitar playing at Westernport Yacht Club last night – see the picture below, except I’m playing bass in that one)

Anyway, I discovered that “Peace And Love” had made it to number 9 on the Dance charts at Triple J! Haha! Pity I didn’t have a record out – it might have become a stomping dance floor classic.

You can download three tracks at my Triple J page, including a newer, improved mix of “The Tom Song”, and also “Know Me”, which has been off MySpace for a while.

The more plays, downloads and ratings I get the better! I mean, if a gazillion of you go over there and play my tracks and write reviews, maybe, well, maybe nothing really. But it couldn’t hurt.

You have to register at the site, but that’s easy and you’ll be able to check out all the other great Australian music there.

Thanks, as always, for all your support!


– DC

DC Cardwell, Samuel and Tony (by Chris Haylock)