Just Give Me Something Worth Voting For!

I’m not American, but watch the video below for my views on the US Presidential Election. Or any election, for that matter! Feel free to share the poster… and vote well! ~ DC

New song! It’s called – SOMETHING WORTH VOTING FOR [Newsletter 20th September 2008]

Hi there,

I’ve finally recorded a new song which you can hear on my Reverbnation player right now!

It’s called “Something Worth Voting For” and it’s my first new one in over a year. I kinda rushed it a bit because, even though it’s not totally specific to the upcoming US election, I thought it would be good to have it out there in time for it.

But it’s been good for getting me back into the swing of things with my new home studio and some new gear. Let me know what you think… but be gentle!

And if you like it please pass it round. 🙂

– DC