Andy Pratt

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Take a wander over to [Dead link – now go to and say hi to Andy Pratt

I love a lot of his old stuff from the 70s, and I’m told that his first album from 1968 is brilliant, so I must try and get a hold of it.

He didn’t have any pics on his profile yet, so I sent him some that I took of him in concert many years ago and he promptly put them up. [That’s one of mine on Wikipedia – 2012 DC]

He’s a fan of the Russian writer Dostoevsky and I happen to be currently reading his classic The Idiot, so we got a bit of a conversation going over that!

I must put up some of my other pics, not just ones of my own gub (as we say in Ireland), but if you can bear it, I have a few new ones of myself that I’ll post over the next few days.

Whoops! I’m getting chatty – maybe I could get into this blogging thing after all. Don’t get me started on recommending music!

Cheers – DC

Photos of Andy Pratt and his (wonderful) backing singers that I took at Greenbelt Festival, 1986, in England.