We’re going to see Crowded House at the Corner Hotel!

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We’ve been very fortunate to score tickets for the Crowded House show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne the week after next.

We were there for both of their warm-up gigs prior to the Sydney Opera House “Farewell To The World” show 10 years ago. At the time, much as I loved them, I thought maybe it was time for Neil Finn to go off and do his own thing, especially as Paul (Hester, drummer) had quit the band.

A decade hence and poor Paul has really said farewell to the world but I think it’s a good thing that they have reformed. I’ve seen Neil do a number of solo gigs in the intervening years and only one has had the kind of spark that Crowded House had. That was when he was backed up by Wendy & Lisa on bass and keyboards and there was a palpable energy between the badn members that seemed to give the music the kind of swing and vitality that I like.

Neil really seems to benefit from the synergy that certain individuals provide, another example being his brother Tim, who always brings out the best in him.

And you know what – I really love the playing of Nick Seymour (bass) and Mark Hart (guitars etc). Mark’s playing is always melodic, never overwrought, and he’s very thoughtful about the coloration that he adds to the music. And Nick’s bass is also melodic, and unpredictable, soulful and harmonically and rhythmically interesting, something that I value even more in these days when those characteristics seem to be going the way of the dodo.

I didn’t really mean this to be a major essay. All I wanted to do was boast about having tickets for the intimate Corner gig, and play this video for their new single. It’s maybe not a classic like “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, “Four Seasons In One Day” or “Fall At Your Feet”, but it’s pretty nifty and it proves that CROWDED HOUSE ARE BACK! ~ DC

[Addendum: see my review of the gig HERE]