New Song – In A Thousand Years

Mugen Guitar Soundhole

[imported from Myspace]

OK – finished a new song.

It’s actually one I wrote and recorded over a year ago, and a few of you may have heard it in its earlier incarnation, but I’ve changed a few words, re-recorded the vocals and this morning I’ve just finished tweaking it. I think it might just be ready for public consumption.

It’s called “In A Thousand Years”.

Unlike most of my other songs it isn’t me playing all the instruments. The drums are by our son, Samuel.

Tell me what you think! I can take it! I’ve been known to change things before based on what friends have told me.


PS: I got a very nice comment today from the daughter of one of the greatest and most influential rock guitarists of all time, Scotty Moore! (Hi Vikki!)

PPS: The photo is of our Mugen  “The 78” guitar.