Marjorie Cardwell’s new album OUT NOW!

We’re very excited to announce the release of Marjorie Cardwell‘s new album “In Another World”!

It’s available as a beautiful looking CD (or download) at and you can preview some tracks there before you buy. And for a limited time it comes with a free mini-print of Marjorie’s artwork and a really cool Madcar Records fridge magnet! It’s also on iTunes and available at CD Baby, Amazon etc, if you prefer.

The album was produced by Marjorie along with her husband, award-winning singer-songwriter DC Cardwell. It features several guest musicians, including Kiwi legend Don McGlashan playing a sublime euphonium solo on the opening track, “Hole In My Head”, a song Marjorie wrote about her recent experience of being diagnosed with a brain tumour.  Thankfully, the tumour was benign and surgery was successful so she is already writing songs for her next album! Listen to the album below.

In Another World with card and magnet
In Another World with card and fridge magnet

Remixing “Nobody Taught Me”

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My friend Tony The Chameleon  ( pointed out a little oddity on my song “Nobody Taught Me”

It was an electric guitar chord in verse 2 that was even further out of time than is usual for me, sloppy as I am.

So, of course, if a plain, ordinary ex-recording-studio-owner and über-music-fan like Tony noticed it, I clearly had no other option than to go back to the original multitrack on the computer and fix it.

I fixed it by taking that guitar right out of the second verse. Easy!

On the other hand, this was only the second halfway presentable song I ever recorded and I was rather shocked to find a lot of horrific glitches and noises in the tracks! And actual gaps throughout the drum track! About ten spaces where there was just silence – just a fraction of a second each, but very jarring. Tricky to fix, but I managed it.

One electric guitar track was covered with hiss that would make a 1975 Phillips portable dictaphone proud, and another had so many pops and crackles that I thought for a moment that I had lifted it off one of my dad’s 78s.

While I was in there, deep in the bowels of the song, I also fixed a few other things with the benefit of a couple more years of home recording experience.

DC's Epiphone Dot and Peavey Delta Blues

So, the end result… ta-da! Probably, to anyone’s ears but mine,  well, exactly the same as it was before!

But I’m calling it a re-mix and putting it back on my profile to celebrate and make the hours that I put into it seem worthwhile!

(Hey, I just noticed that there are five consonants in a row in the word “worthwhile”!)

I think this song has gone back on my profile more than any other one, which is probably because it’s still my favourite, despite being one of my earliest ones.

~ DC

PS: I know I should be working on a new song or two, but this just had to be done! It’s been torturing me ever since Tony mentioned it!

PPS: This is the electric guitar that I use for almost all my recordings, my Epiphone Dot Deluxe, with my Peavey Delta Blues amp.