I was number 9 on the dance charts at Triple J Unearthed!

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Just a reminder that you can rate my music and even review it at the Triple J Unearthed website: www.triplejunearthed.com/dccardwell

I haven’t really been checking my profile there for months, but I went there just now and discovered that I was listed as a “DANCE” artist! Which is fair enough, but doesn’t really give the right impression, does it? (On the other hand, I had some people up dancing to my soulful guitar playing at Westernport Yacht Club last night – see the picture below, except I’m playing bass in that one)

Anyway, I discovered that “Peace And Love” had made it to number 9 on the Dance charts at Triple J! Haha! Pity I didn’t have a record out – it might have become a stomping dance floor classic.

You can download three tracks at my Triple J page, including a newer, improved mix of “The Tom Song”, and also “Know Me”, which has been off MySpace for a while.

The more plays, downloads and ratings I get the better! I mean, if a gazillion of you go over there and play my tracks and write reviews, maybe, well, maybe nothing really. But it couldn’t hurt.

You have to register at the site, but that’s easy and you’ll be able to check out all the other great Australian music there.

Thanks, as always, for all your support!


– DC

DC Cardwell, Samuel and Tony (by Chris Haylock)