DC Cardwell covers Nick Lowe

I’ve entered another contest. This time all you have to do is go to my new video on YouTube and click LIKE. It’s me covering Nick Lowe‘s venerable classic “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding?” and it’s a contest run by his record company, the ultra-cool Yep Roc Records. It’s called the Yep Roc 15 Minutes Of Fame contest, or YR15MINUTESOFFAME for short.

There’s a nice prize, a trip to their 15th year anniversary concert series in North Carolina. But the main thing is the exposure.

So if you want to help me win, please LIKE my video!

And if you want to help even more, share it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.


~ DC

[Postscript: The three videos with the most votes went into the final and, sadly, I came 4th!]

Thanks for voting for my song in Microsoft Playlist 7 contest… I won!

DC Cardwell-Microsoft Playlist 7 logo

Thanks everyone who voted, or tried to vote, for my song “The First Time”  at Reverbnation’s Microsoft Playlist 7 contest.

Amazingly, I ended up in the Top Seven (number 5, I think) and that was good enough to get me a spot on the main page for this week, and on the site for the remaining eight weeks.

Which means I get a bit of money (about $600!) from Microsoft (they can afford it!) and tons of exposure. In the first day I’ve already had another 1400 or so people download my song!

~ DC

PS: Here’s the song again: