Describe my music and win the only piece of DC Cardwell merchandise in existence! Plus CDs! [CONTEST NOW CLOSED]

A lot of us (ahem) “artists” have trouble describing our own music. We just make it. We like to think we don’t sound like anyone else.

But everyone tells us we need an “Elevator Pitch” – in other words, if we bump into a top music executive, or even a normal human being, in an elevator, we need to be able to describe our music in the time it takes to reach the next floor. For example “My music sounds like a combination of artist X with artist Y and it does such-and-such.”

So here’s a simple giveaway I’m running. Write an Elevator Pitch for my music. Imagine you’re in that elevator and someone asks you, “What does DC Cardwell sound like?” What would you say?

The contest will be judged by some of my close friends and family who already know what I sound like and they can decide which comments are the most accurate/creative/honest/useful/hyperbolic/funny/sad.

PLEASE NOTE: Entries for this contest closed at midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on the 29th February, 2012.

FIRST PRIZE: A signed copy of my Some Hope CD and the only “DC Cardwell T-shirt” in existence! It’s white, size XL,  with a small, tasteful logo so it shouldn’t be TOO embarrassing to wear. You could probably cover up the logo with a large badge/button featuring a much cooler artist of your choice.

SECOND PRIZE: A signed copy of my Some Hope CD

To enter, simply type your answer to the question “What does DC Cardwell sound like?” in the comment box below, and don’t forget to include your name and email address (which won’t be visible).

Good luck, and pass it on to your friends too!

~ DC

PS: If you don’t know what I sound like, you can hear my music on almost every page of this website!

The T-shirt is brand new and unworn and it came free with some business cards, in case you’re wondering where I got it, and, more to the point, why! Here it is with my “Some Hope” CD.


Here’s 2nd-prize winner Beth showing off her prize!

Beth Howell with her prize, DC's album "Some Hope"

Beth Howell with her prize, DC’s album “Some Hope”