Django loves Juno. But does Juno love Django? (Don’t miss the cat-fight in slo-mo!)

Django just wants to hug Juno. He even snuck a kiss this morning! But watch what happens next…

Black cat Juno is a clever eight-year-old cat, thoughtful and generally gentle and very cool (but sometimes a little nervous). She has lived with us for a year and a half.

Django is a two-year-old ginger cat whom we adopted from the RSPCA a couple of months ago. As they described him to us, he’s a “total smooch”, who kisses and hugs and licks everyone and everything.

Django adores Juno and makes the most incredible sound when she’s in the room, or occasionally when he’s just thinking about her and wondering where she is. They’re impossible to describe, but I’ll try and get a good recording of them and post it here soon.

However, Juno hisses and whacks Django if he comes within about a foot and a half (45 cm) of her.

Still, though, she misses him when he’s not around and she seeks him out as often as she tries to get away from him. But she likes to keep her distance.

Django is the most playful adult cat we’ve ever met. He still behaves like a kitten, climbing and running and play-fighting and generally being hyperactive, until the afternoon, when he sleeps on the couch for a few hours. He tries to get as close to Juno as he can and we’re pretty sure he just wants to hug and kiss her like crazy. He’s irrepressible and will gradually edge up, to her, almost imperceptibly in small degrees. He might roll over or stretch every now and then, just casually, but every time getting an inch closer to her. And, in between, he’ll just sit and gaze upon her adoringly. She looks the other way, or else gives him THAT look, which says, “I see what you’re doing.”

Eventually he might lose control of his emotions and just go for her, sometimes with his special sound, his “name” for her, which is usually cut short by what happens next… as seen in this video, first at normal speed and then in slow motion.
All music by DC Cardwell
Film shot and edited by DC Cardwell

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Django likes to sit with his wee paws under the rug

Django likes to sit with his wee paws under the rug.

He also likes to play-fight with the rug, with any rug, in a most unruly yet entertaining manner.  But when he settles down and puts his little white socked paws under it as if to keep them warm it’s adorable, just like pretty much everything he does, really.

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Django spends all day chasing Juno without success and then…

Django spends all day chasing Juno without success and then at night he has to make do with this other black cat.
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Django spends all day chasing Juno without success and then at night he has to make do with this black cat instead.

Orange Cat In A Blue Box (yes, it’s our Django!)

Django was quite comfortable in this little box for some time last night. He had no idea how cute he was. – from Instagram

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Another webcast already! DC Cardwell on NuMuBu OzFest, 25/26 April 2014 (depending on your timezone)

DC Cardwell-20140426-webcast-BANNER

I enjoyed our last webcast so much that I'm doing another one on 25/26th April, 2014 (depending on your timezone!) ♫ To find out the exact time in your timezone, see my amazing time-chart at ♬♫ It's part of an Aussie special "Flash Festival" on Numubu ♬♫♪

And for the actual webcast, go to and click on "Live Broadcasts" on the left hand side. (You don't have to be signed up to Numubu!)

And if you want to get an idea of how the last one went, here's a highlights reel with some short snippets at the beginning, and if you keep watching, longer segments and complete songs later on. ♫♪♪♬♫

I can't guarantee that either of the cats will show up the next time, though!

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Sometimes, with a little trick iPhoneography, viz. VSCOcam, Juno isn’t so unphotographable after all.

Sometimes, with a little trick #iPhoneography, viz. #VSCOcam, Juno isn't so unphotographable after all.
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It’s so HARD to photograph a black cat! In contrast to orange Django, who’s infinitely photogenic, I’ve only rarely been able to get a good shot of Juno. This one actually looks weirdly grainy and not that great on the big screen, but on the iPhone I was quite pleased with it.

Do you come here often? Says Django.

Do you come here often?
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