Reviews & Quotes about Marjorie Cardwell’s Music

  • Great tunes and intelligent, heartfelt lyrics”

    Mick Glossop, (producer of Van Morrison, Waterboys etc.)

  • “My ears were pricked by the hypnotic sound of David’s guitar and then the voice of an angel… it sounded very sweet indeed!”

    Todd Fancey of New Pornographers (Vancouver indie-pop darlings)

  • “It recalls styles from the past but never seeks to imitate. The record maintains interest throughout, deftly produced and decorated to demonstrate a collection of compelling material.

    Power Pop Review

  • These are reports from the frontline. This is pure honesty that comes from lived-through experience. I can’t help but be touched by “You’re Not On Your Own”. That chorus comes quickly and overwhelms me.

    Peter Farnan of Boom Crash Opera (Australian band)

  • From the guitar-driven jangle-pop of “Killing Me Loudly” to the semi-ironic reflective ballad “Hole in My Head,” Marjorie Cardwell’s voice as writer and singer on her aptly named CD “In Another World” is uniquely her own, or as close to that rarefied state as a lifetime of learning from her hinted-at influences will allow. Co-produced with her husband, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist DC Cardwell, the album has a DIY warmth and lack of pretension that in no way undercuts its professional sheen. Ex-Mutton Birds frontman Don McGlashan’s euphonium solo on “Hole in My Head” is absolutely lovely, but the tune’s quirky wee synth part, and how it eventually intertwines with his lines, is the sonic cherry atop the sundae for me. As is the equally brilliant and bravely odd keyboard playing on “Not On Your Own,” which I can hear being an international hit in spite of, or perhaps because of, its total deviation from what dominates the charts these days. Its message is universal, the production and instrument choices are utterly charming, and Cardwell’s voice on the chorus is stunningly pure and heartfelt. She nails those notes with such clarity and sings with such unforced conviction, I believe that millions would respond if given the chance. Which would happily prove, if only for the song’s 3 minutes and 31 seconds, that we were all living in another, and much better, world.
    CD Baby Review

  • I love it. Good songs, cool sounds. Love the guitar sounds, and it was nice to have Marjie’s wonderful voice at volume going straight into my head.”

    Paul “Emlyn” Crowther, former Split Enz Drummer

  • Well, what can I say? I haven’t been that happy without the influence of alcohol in a very long time. I wanted to hug my neighbour. Love Dave’s [DC’s] subtle guitar playing and Marjorie, your voice is angelic. What a gorgeous mix.”

    Review of gig at the Railway Club, Vancouver in the 90s

  • [Of Marjorie’s track Hole In My Head] It’s a good song, and I enjoyed working on it!”

    Don McGlashan, New Zealand songwriter/musician, ex Mutton Birds, Front Lawn, Blam Blam Blam, Crowded House etc.

  • In the wake of a brain tumor diagnosis, awaiting surgery, Marjorie Cardwell pushed forward into creating this album. Indicative of her delightful sense of humor, the opening track is called “Hole In My Head.” The Irish-born, Australia-based artist displays an amazing gift for fashioning perfect pop tunes, such as “Not On Your Own, “All Over The World, ”Killing Me Loudly” and “Next Year In No Man’s Land.” And the lyrics are every bit as elegant as the melodies. Marjorie’s sweet vocal transports the listener on the title tune, in French, “Dans Un Autre Monde”. Her husband, singer-songwriter DC Cardwell, and well-known New Zealand musician Don McGlashan contributed their talents to the project. Let’s hope that Marjorie, now fully recovered, will be sharing lots more miraculous music with us in the near future.

    Paul Freeman Pop Culture Classics

  • In Another World was inspired by the diagnosis of a brain tumour in 2012 so, as you might expect, there are some pretty personal songs included. Fortunately, Marjorie’s sense of irony is firmly in place on an album of retro pop with a generally upbeat feel that’s life-affirming. Cardwell’s voice is the perfect vehicle for these classic 60s-influenced songs and is particularly effective on the bittersweet ‘Not On Your Own’.

    Strutterzine Magazine

  • A delight, despite the circumstances surrounding its creation. Some really honest and self-effacing ballads, delivered with the silk of Cardwell’s vocals. There’s also some pokey quirk, reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, but all in all the album is underpinned with pure acoustic tones and a real live feel. Cardwell’s gift is that she doesn’t lose the subtlety on the more upbeat numbers. Great songwriting shines through.”

    Walter Benells (Pearl Magazine)

  • With an actual crystal clear voice and often founded on nothing less than titillating guitar work. Rather subtle body, nice catchy and sometimes quite a little indebted to groups like the Beatles and the Byrds. Character at all what tending to the late sixties and early seventies. And of course with “a touch of Australia” in the veins. Read: that little bit different. Some listening tips: by his guitar work very Byrdsiaans sounding “Killing Me Loudly”, in French with a fat emphasis placed ballad “Dans Un Autre Monde” and above it the musical bubbles pearling “When We Both Fell Down “.”

    Ctrl-Alt-Country Ezine (Belgium)

  • Enjoyed the dual guitar interplay as David added some flowing guitar melodies over Marjorie’s buoyant vocals and rhythm guitar”.

    Johnny Hatch (Euphony Magazine, Vancouver)

  • Perhaps the most interesting performance of the night. They played a captivating mix of tunes. Cardwell’s unique Irish accent and charm certainly made people smile. It was an excellent performance.

    Terry Holland (Discorder Magazine, Vancouver)

  • Connoisseur Marjorie Cardwell is one of my top Connoisseurs and her voice and melodies and whatnot have touched my heart.”

    Paul Foot English comedian and Life President, The Guild of Paul Foot Connoisseurs

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