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Download Marjorie Cardwell's music from iTunes

Download Marjorie Cardwell’s music from iTunes

Download DC Cardwell's music from iTunes

Download DC Cardwell’s music from iTunes

 Download Marjorie Cardwell's "In Another World" album from iTunes  Download DC Cardwell's "Some Hope" album from iTunes



“I am seriously blown away by your album. I think it may be the greatest thing I’ve heard in years! I don’t want to freak you out, but I’m drooling over here. You just easily became my favorite ‘new’ artist!”

Jaymee Carpenter, Film/TV Music Supervisor & Composer (“The Fighter”, “Crime After Crime”, “Top Chef”), subject of upcoming documentary “Chasing Notes


“From the guitar-driven jangle-pop of “Killing Me Loudly” to the semi-ironic reflective ballad “Hole in My Head,” Marjorie Cardwell’s voice as writer and singer on her aptly named CD “In Another World” is uniquely her own, or as close to that rarefied state as a lifetime of learning from her hinted-at influences will allow. Co-produced with her husband, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist DC Cardwell, the album has a DIY warmth and lack of pretension that in no way undercuts its professional sheen. Ex-Mutton Birds frontman Don McGlashan’s euphonium solo on “Hole in My Head” is absolutely lovely. Its message is universal, the production and instrument choices are utterly charming, and Cardwell’s voice on the chorus is stunningly pure and heartfelt. She nails those notes with such clarity and sings with such unforced conviction, I believe that millions would respond if given the chance. Which would happily prove, if only for the song’s 3 minutes and 31 seconds, that we were all living in another, and much better, world.”
CD Baby Review

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