Marjorie & DC Cardwell


MMarjorie-DC-Cardwell-selfie-iPhone Melbourne 20120421-CP-C-Smilla-color1-SQ-400-Barjorie Cardwell and DC Cardwell here! We’re Tasmania based singer-songwriters, both of us originally from Northern Ireland. There’s a big Beatlesque pop facet to most of our music…

But both of us draw on a huge range of influences – we love the very best artists in all genres – in short – the best pure pop music from the last 100 years or so. Or as we like to call it (borrowing the term from the great Sam Phillips), Omnipop.

Preview song from DC’s upcoming 2019 album…

Here we are! Last year was a bit of a musical washout for various reasons, but I’m back in action with this song, and I have a bunch more in the can for my upcoming album 🙂

DC’s cover of “Give Me Some Truth” by John Lennon

Recorded 26th Jan 2017. Please share!

Our New Home & Studio in Tasmania’s Beautiful West Tamar Valley!

Well, our big move is now complete, we’re in our new home and the new studio is up and running!

Don’t miss the regular webcasts – details HERE!

And here are some screenshots from the very first one from the new pad 🙂

DC’s New Album, Pop Art

The BIG news is that DC’s new album, POP ART, has been released! Listen at – AND if you choose to buy it from there (best option!) you’ll get the bonus tracks and also the PDF lyric and chord books.

(If you prefer iTunes or Amazon or JB HiFi or any of the usual digital distributors you can also get it from them, but without the  extras. If you’d do, and you wish you hadn’t missed out on the extras, contact me and I’ll see what I can do!)

DC's new album, Pop Art

DC’s new album, Pop Art

“Another fine collection of melodic pop songs delivered with inspiration and imagination. Lovely melodies and vocals abound, and dig the beat in the gorgeous, McCartney-esque “Magic For Everybody” [a Sam Phillips cover] – Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

To listen to some songs from each of our albums, click on the music section of the menu.

Buy and share songs from Marjorie Cardwell's album In Another World

See you at!

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