Fan Questions ~ Ask us whatever you like!


Q – Aside from ‘world peace’ what would you like in your stocking for Christmas?
DC Cardwell responded on 09/10/2012
A – Oh well, can you fit “goodwill to all men” in there too?

Q – What would be the major components hindering you from a Tour Calendar, even if only in the Garden State?
DC Cardwell responded on 09/10/2012
A – Good question!

First of all, I’ve only really started doing gigs recently so up until now I’ve been “finding my feet”. Think I’m getting the hang of it now

Also it’s only in the last three weeks that I’ve finally become a truly full-time musician. It’s gradually turned from a hobby into a career. So far I’ve never actively looked for gigs – I’ve only done them when I’ve been asked to in one way or another, and it’s definitely been for fun, not profit! But I think I’ve reached the point where I need to begin looking for places to play.

Another thing is that, for a long time most of my fans were scattered widely around the world, many in the USA, and while working in my day job I was reluctant to take the risk of touring overseas. However I think I’ve recently built up more of a following here at home, at last.

So, yeah, it’s something I’m hoping to escalate in 2012. Up until now playing live hasn’t been a priority but I think it is now that I don’t have a day job any more!

Q – If Neil Finn sang one of your songs..which one would you like it to be?
DC Cardwell responded on 09/10/2012
A – Perhaps the only song of mine that was directly inspired by Neil Finn’s sound – Nobody Taught Me

Q – How does one find enlightenment?
DC Cardwell responded on 05/08/2012
A – Seek and you will find.

Q – Ever come to the glorious Pacific Northwest of the US?
DC Cardwell responded on 04/29/2012
A – Well, I lived in Vancouver for 8 years so I know how glorious the Pacific NW is! I’d love very much to return. I’ve only been gigging for the last couple of years in a very small way around Melbourne but plan on traveling further afield eventually. Various big events in my life have gotten in the way so far but when/if things settle down, you never know!

Q – What is a question you wish someone would ask you?
DC Cardwell responded on 04/06/2012
A – How about:

“Can we use your song in our movie? I’m afraid we can only pay $75,000”

Q – Whatever happened to that Sam Phillips track you were recording? Some of us had a sneak preview-but at that stage it was unfinished. Love to hear it sometime please!
DC Cardwell responded on 03/20/2012
A – I never quite finished it! [EDIT FROM 2019 DC – YES I DID! IT’s ON POP ART!] It just needs some lead guitar but I got distracted by other things, namely recording other artists, which is my only source of income at present, and recording my wife Marjorie’s music. Plus the small distraction of Marjorie’s brain tumour and surgery. It should surface eventually, although I don’t really know what to do with it.

Q – If you could have anyone ‘helping out’ on backing /harmony vocals-who would you choose?
DC Cardwell responded on 03/06/2012
A – Some day I’ll get Marjie to do some. So far I’ve just done them myself because it’s easier to do that than drag her in from the other room! And my voice kinda goes well with… my voice. But apart from her, I think I’d choose Andy Pratt or the two guys I saw doing backing vocals for him at Greenbelt Festival in the early 80s – not sure who they were.

Q – Great stuff David, Keep it coming
DC Cardwell responded on 02/24/2012
A – Thanks! And I will! ~ DC

Q – If we gave you a lush orchestra, a great guitarist (say , Joe Walsh) put you in a really smooth white jacket…what would you like to sing?
DC Cardwell responded on 02/14/2012
A – Oh that’s easy… “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”, naturally!

Q – Hi again DC: thanks for asking! This is our poor lonely G+ page!
DC Cardwell responded on 02/01/2012
A – Duly “added to circles!”, “plus 1’d” etc!

Thanks for the link to The Larch on Google+!

~ DC

Q – Gosh, I’m finding Google+ a very quiet and lonely place! Hardly anyone I know seems to use it regularly – I started a band page there and my feeling is that most people regard it as redundant because
DC Cardwell responded on 01/31/2012
A – I kind of agree with you there, Ian. In principle I like Google+, and it works pretty well. But it just hasn’t become the place to be for me… yet. There’s also something slightly sluggish about it on my old PC with my slow internet connection. I think most of my contacts there veer towards the computer-savvy geeky type (like myself), which is OK, but it’s not quite as wide a spread of humanity as FB. I’m still optimistic about it though, and I do try to post there once in a while and chat with people a bit. Friendly page addresses would help a lot! What’s yours?

Q – Have you ever imagined horns and/or strings in one of your recordings? How about a big gospel choir?
DC Cardwell responded on 01/24/2012
A – In my songs, no, not in any of the ones I’ve recorded so far. But I’m just finishing a cover song which has some nice faux “Mellotron” strings by Samuel. I wouldn’t have used real strings in it, though, even if I could afford it. You have to laugh at the idea of “fake Mellotron!

He also put some on one of Marjie’s songs that we’ve just finished.

I’m not averse to horns, strings or big gospel choirs in the right context, having been immersed in R&B, soul, gospel etc for most of my life. It’s just that, to be honest, I haven’t considered any of them even for a second on any of my songs I’ve recorded so far.

When I think of strings on pop music I consider the masterpieces to be The Drifters, Tony Visconti’s arrangements with Bowie and Bolan. and also those great Drifteresque strings on Chic records. As for horns, the Memphis Horns (particularly Andrew Love & Wayne Jackson) are the best!

Q – How are you finding Google+ D.C.?
DC Cardwell responded on 01/24/2012
A – It’s OK, but I can’t say I’ve gotten hooked on it yet. I’m a big fan of Google, Gmail, Google Docs, etc, but Google+ hasn’t quite gotten to the point of useability yet where I find that I’m comfortable enough with it to enjoy spending time on it. I suspect it will stay around, though, unlike Buzz and Wave!

I’ve just set up an “artist” page there too, but haven’t made any effort to promote it. It’s at… – I don’t think I can make a sensible URL for it yet.

Tell me, what do you think of Google+ and how do you think I can use it better than I am?

Q – Well DC..a new year and things look like they’re beginning to happen for you. How do you see 2012 panning out?
DC Cardwell responded on 01/04/2012
A – Things have been “beginning to happen for me” for quite a long time now, haha! Hopefully this will turn out to be “the end of the beginning.”

I’ve already seen some good things happen as a result of my winning the Catapult Song Contest and I think it will open some more doors for me. I’d like to find a good publisher who can find licensing opportunities for some of my songs and I’ve absolutely no doubt that opportunities abound for my kind of music so that it’s just a matter of getting my songs into the right hands.

I also hope my 2010 recordings from Los Angeles will finally make it into the movie they were destined for, but that’s a slow process and I don’t know if it will happened in 2012 or take a little longer

I plan to escalate my gigging further, and I’ve just started recording a batch of new songs which will be released this year.

I also have a lovely new website which will go live in the near future.

So, it’s all go and I’m looking forward to the year ahead!

Q – Do you read musical auto/ biographies? If so , what ones have you read and enjoyed most?
DC Cardwell responded on 01/04/2012
A – I used to but I haven’t read many recently. My favourite rock book is “Stranger Than Fiction: The Life And Times Of Split Enz” by Mike Chunn which really is a work of art, with a nice sprinkling of surreal humour thrown in for good measure.

My son Samuel has recently bought “Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original” by Robin Kelley and I’ve dipped into it with some relish. I’d love to read it from cover to cover but we’ll see if I can find the time!

Other old favourites are the Dylan bio by Robert Shelton, “The Birth Of Bebop” by Scott Deveaux and Steve Turner’s book on Johnny Cash.

My favourite Beatles book is “Revolution In The Head” by Ian MacDonald even though he gets controversial by dismissing some perfectly good later tracks in a rather cavalier fashion.

Oh yes, and I liked Dylan’s Chronicles Vol. 1.

Q – When can we see a clip of you playing some Django guitar?
DC Cardwell responded on 01/04/2012
A – I’ve been meaning for ages to do a few more videos doing Django stuff with Samuel, but it’s stayed on the todo list so far. There are some old ones from years ago (very unpolished) on my Videos tab at – just click on where it says “more” on the left hand side, click on VIDEOS and you’ll find them.

Q – Happy New Year DC! Did you have a nice festive season?
DC Cardwell responded on 01/03/2012
A – Thanks Ian, and yes, I had a relaxed and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Got the new George Harrison documentary DVD from Santa too – as well as the big book, which is really nice! I managed to start (finally) recording a new batch of songs as well. Happy New Year to you too!

Q – Ah, yes I have that one; a fine album it is too! Okay, looking forward to the next then!
DC Cardwell responded on 11/22/2011
A – If I win the Catapult Song contest at one of the main prizes is the pressing of 1000 CDs so that would definitely encourage me to get cracking on the new songs!

I’m in the Final 8 so please vote and encourage your friends to as well!

~ DC

Q – Hi D.C. How many albums do you have out in all?
DC Cardwell responded on 11/22/2011
A – Only one! It’s called “Some Hope” and it’s available from www.dccardwell as a CD or as a download. It’s also on CD baby and iTunes and a lot of other online outlets.

It was basically a summation of all the best tracks I had recorded over the previous five or so years, and I’d say there are quite a few different styles represented but they all sound like me.

I’ve got enough new songs to make a start on a new album soon. I record everything at home so I just need to find the time and get in the mood 🙂

Q – When you’re in Ireland do you feel more “Irish” than usual? Does it help you to be more inspired and/or creative?
DC Cardwell responded on 10/02/2011
A – I’m in Ireland right now and, yeah, I probably do feel a a wee bit more Irish, or, more specifically, Northern Irish when I’m here. But only a wee bit. I’ve never really lost it despite living away for 23 years. I don’t think it makes me more creative being here – there’s nothing special about Ireland in that regard. I’m sure every country or location in the world is perfectly capable of inspiring ideas.

Q – When are you coming back to America? California to be exact! :0)
DC Cardwell responded on 10/02/2011
A – I have no concrete plans to go back to the USA in the immediate future, I’m afraid, but I’d dearly love to! Anyone want to finance a tour/recording 😉

Q – In your wildest dreams (and in perhaps younger days) did you ever imagine screaming fans responding to your concerts or when you set foot out in public? (aka “DC Mania”)
DC Cardwell responded on 09/20/2011
A – I can sometimes imagine fans screaming. But for all the wrong reasons.

Q – When did you start writing music and creating songs?
DC Cardwell responded on 09/13/2011
A – I started playing guitar when I was about 13, but I don’t think I really made any serious attempts to write songs until I met my wife Marjie. She’s a brilliant singer and we used to perform together with her singing and me playing guitar, so we tried to write songs together and individually on-and-off over the years. Our early attempts in the 80s had good tunes and terrible words. Tunes have never been a problem.

In the early 1990s Marjie reached the point where she could write good words so we came up with the first songs that I feel still stand up. In fact Marjie’s songs from then and more recently are better than mine. I still didn’t sing at this point (except occasional harmonies) but in the mid 2000s Marjie was immersed in studies so I took the plunge and started singing and writing myself, and that was the first time I started coming up with songs that I was satisfied with. In short – I’m a very slow starter!

Q – Since the question was “pop song” and not “pop recording”, can I assume that you are aware that “Without You” is a Badfinger song that Nilsson covered?
DC Cardwell responded on 08/02/2011
A – Yes, I am aware of that, and yes, I probably did answer the question a bit wrong! The things I picked were great pop recordings and not all particularly great songs, but sometimes you don’t need a great song to make a great record. “Without You” is a great song, and I think Nilsson made an even greater record out of it than Badfinger did.

Q – If you could perform with somebody that is famous… who would it be? And what song would you do?
DC Cardwell responded on 07/21/2011
A – I wouldn’t mind singing along with Paul McCartney on Two Of Us. And I’d love to play guitar with Sam Phillips (the female singer, not the deceased producer), maybe on her song “Magic For Everybody”. And more than anything, playing bass for Al Green would be (a word I never use) AWESOME!

Q – You favourite guitar strings? (accoustic and steel) Gauges? Plectrum size? Most wonderful guitar sound on an album you’ve heard?
DC Cardwell responded on 07/19/2011
A – I’m not fussy! We have all kinds of picks lying around and I’ll use any of them, or, just as often, my fingers. I discovered Dava picks a while back which I’m quite fond of. Some of them have metal tips which give a nice scratchy sound. (

For our forays into Django-style playing Samuel and I use really thick picks: Jim Dunlop 3mm. Some Django-style players use really expensive picks which are about $20 each, but not us!

You can see some of the picks sitting on top of my amp on the inner gatefold sleeve of “Some Hope” available from 🙂

As for strings, I’ve gotten into a bit of a habit of using D’Addario EJ16 (12-53) on my acoustics. On the gypsy guitars we used to use Argentines but I’ve found that D’Addario EJ83Ls last quite well, which is good for us as we might easily go 6 months without playing in that style! On electrics I usually use 10s. Or 9s at a pinch. Any brand. I change them every few years.

My fave guitar sound? Ask again – no space!

Q – are you recording anything new at the moment?
DC Cardwell responded on 07/19/2011
A – Good question! I’ve been recording a number of other artists in my home studio (some examples at ranging from quick, live-in-the-studio recordings and videos to more sophisticated, detailed recordings.

In the meantime I am writing new songs and will start to record some of them soon. I’ve already done a few rough recordings, one example being “Serving My Time”, which you can hear at

Q – Could you please explain the “theory of threes”?
DC Cardwell responded on 06/29/2011
A – It’s a bit like the old “”theory of twos” but with three instead of two. I’m working on a “theory of fours” but I’m worried that Dylan will beat me to it.

Q – Musically,what was the most astounding thing you’ve ever discovered? (an artist, a song, a chord, a sound etc)
DC Cardwell responded on 06/22/2011
A – Oh yes, it was Bob Dylan’s “theory of threes” – it changed my life. I don’t know how I ever made music without knowing about that. I think Bob learned it from Lonnie Johnson.

Q – You’ve mentioned the lovely Marjie, so of course we have to ask: how did you two meet … and start dating? (Romantic narrative/details appreciated! Hehe :P)
DC Cardwell responded on 06/18/2011
A – Well, briefly, we met at high school in Northern Ireland. She was two years below me. We used to sit together in the library at lunch-times, read the NME and talk about music. I was *very* impressed that she’d heard of Wild Man Fischer (who, sadly, died just today). John Peel played his entire Wildmania album on BBC radio, and I taped it and cherished the tape. Marjie was trying to gain my affections and she acquired a copy of the album by mail order, but when she told me I thought she was joking. Eventually, when I was actually going out with her, I was stunned to find the LP in her record collection! We hung around quite a bit together but it took a while before we eventually “made it official” and then we quickly got engaged. I’d left school by this stage but I took her out of school at lunch time one day to go and pick up the ring, and I think she took great pleasure in going back to class flashing it to her friends! Don’t know what she saw in a geek like me.

Q – A number of questions about “firsts” – first album you bought? First concert you attended? First time you realised you wanted to ‘write stupid pop songs that sound great’?
DC Cardwell responded on 06/16/2011
A – The first single I was moved to actually go out and buy was Elton John’s Crocodile Rock, for some reason. I mean, I like it and all, but I don’t know why it was the first song that really grabbed me. I bought Elt’s next two singles as well, and then pretty much became an “album person” and discovered what we called “progressive music” – not quite synonymous with what’s now called “prog” in retrospect. It just meant any serious “album-oriented” music. But the first LP I bought was true prog music: Relayer by Yes. Three glorious tracks!

The first concert I went to by anyone famous was Larry Norman in Belfast in 1977 – a pretty brilliant way to start. Marjie was there too but I hadn’t met her yet! And the next was the Buzzcocks in Belfast in 1978, with Marjie, before we were officially dating. She was 16 and I was 18.

The first time I wanted to “write stupid pop songs that sound great” was probably about an hour after I bought Crocodile Rock. But I’m a very slow learner.

Q – Which comes first? Lyrics or music? Or an idea?
DC Cardwell responded on 06/10/2011
A – All I want to do is write stupid pop songs that sound great, but, despite that, it’s almost always an idea, a line or a few words that sparks a song for me. Usually a phrase or sentence will pretty much suggest a melody to me, quite often something that reflects the intonation that you would use saying the words.

But after that initial verbal impulse, it’s all a jumble of words and music coming at the same time. I feel like I’m much more of a music person than a lyrics person and I usually don’t even listen to (or even hear) other peoples’ lyrics, so it’s a bit odd that my songs start out with the lyrics!

But I’ve probably written too few songs to really try and discern any kind of pattern in my working method. Ask me again in five years!

Q – Is it true you only ever wear black socks..and when you’re famous want to have a ‘guitar shaped pool’ ?
DC Cardwell responded on 06/08/2011
A – Ha, it’s really funny you should ask me that. I went a little bit mad today, for the first time in several years, and wore a pair of GRAY socks. Seriously! I don’t know what came over me. I must be strongly influenced by an old pure devotee I once knew called Phat Phil, who only wore black socks. But I *don’t* buy them from a priests’ shop, so if you look closely, you’ll see that they’re very, very, very, very, very, very, very dark blue. As for the guitar shaped pool, well, I don’t know where you got that idea! Maybe a guitar-shaped flower bed.

Q – Can you name a record that has a ‘sound’ that influences the way you produce your own recordings? What are some of the elements of the ‘sound’ that you love? Tony
DC Cardwell responded on 06/07/2011
A – Good question, Tony! I can think of lots of albums that have a sound that I consider “perfect’ in some way. Examples would be “Rock And Roll With The Modern Lovers” by Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, which sounds incredibly “roomy” as though it’s recorded with a single stereo microphone, perhaps even a binaural microphone. Another is Neil Young’s “Zuma” which is probably the first album I heard whose sound became a touchstone for me – those jangly guitars! A rather obvious example is The Beatles’ “Revolver”. Led Zeppelin “IV”. Larry Norman’s “Only Visiting This Planet” for that typical early 70s dry studio sound. And almost anything by Al Green, especially “The Belle Album”, which is probably a continuation of the 60s Stax soul sound. The problem is these all sound quite different from each other – but I think in general I would say I like a fairly dry sound (not much reverb) with close-miking and a bit of a small room feel, like the band’s right there in front of you.

Q – Sometimes when I listen to an album I find something new to love about it with each listening. Is there an album out there that still surprises you?
DC Cardwell responded on 06/06/2011
A – I know what you mean! That probably applies to just about every album I truly love. And most of all to pretty much anything by the Beatles. Their music is so incredibly rich that there are new delights revealed on every careful listen. My favourite album is Revolver and just recently I listened to it for the millionth time and was amazed to notice that McCartney’s bass does something very different in, I think it’s the third verse of Taxman. I’m sure everyone else noticed it long ago but it had escaped me. Of course, maybe it’s just because I’m a bit slow on the uptake – seriously, every time I listen to my OWN music something surprises me! Anyway, I think I only truly love music that has enough density, however subtle, to surprise me every time. It may only be the subtlest vocal inflection or the slightest little syncopation of the bass, but I need there to be some looseness or unpredictability.

Q – Who Is your favourite russian author? And your favourite Book?
DC Cardwell responded on 05/28/2011
A – Ha – we were just talking about that today around the dinner table! I know it’s rather obvious but long after reading your Crime And Punishments, your Gulag Archipelagos and your Anna Kareninas, I finally got around to reading Tolstoy’s War And Peace and I love it the most. Today I was discussing the dance scene in it which I find very touching. My son Samuel bought me the recent, acclaimed Pevear & Volokhonsky translation for Christmas but I haven’t got around to reading that yet.

Q – What did you eat this morning?
DC Cardwell responded on 05/27/2011
A – I haven’t had breakfast yet, but when Samuel gets up (he’s a teenager so it could be a long time) I’ll make some of my super-strong coffee and we’ll have it with extra thick raisin toast (out of Aldi) and chocolate hazelnut spread. (We’ll eat chocolate at any time of day.)

Q – What’s your favourite dessert, David?
DC Cardwell responded on 05/27/2011
A – Hmmm… I like anything chocolaty, so any kind of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate tart, profiteroles, chocolate ice cream, chocolate tort, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, Nanaimo bar, pain au chocolat, Devil’s food cake, prinzregententorte, sachertorte, brigadeiro, chokladboll, chocolate-covered potato chips, chocolate salami, or chocolate-covered bacon will do. (I looked up the last few and yes, they do exist!)

However, in our house we usually just leave out all the fancy packaging and have chocolate for dessert.

Q – What are you working on this week? How’s that for a fan question? Miss you here. 😉
DC Cardwell responded on 05/18/2011
A – Hello Anon! This week? Well, I re-arranged my studio to make a bit more space for some upcoming sessions that I’m doing for OTHER PEOPLE, so there’s now room to swing several cats, which is quite exciting. I mean the extra space is exciting, not that I will actually be swinging cats. But I will be *recording* “swinging cats”, if you know what I mean.

I got my first ever APRA (Australian version of ASCAP/BMI) royalty statement – for 9 cents. Maybe that’s why I’ve decided it would be good to do some paid recording sessions!

In other news, a young friend of mine just finished his college assignment – a video for my song “I Am Still the Same”, and it’s TOTALLY FREAKIN’ BRILLIANT! Here it is on YouTube –

And – next week is my first mentoring session with those famous songwriters that I mentioned before, so this morning I tried to write a half-finished song to take along… but I accidentally finished it! D’oh!

Thanks for your question! ~ DC

Q – Wow how did you get to do a co-write with these well known songwriters in Mark Seymour, Nick Seymour and Charles Jenkins?
DC Cardwell responded on 04/27/2011
A – First of all, it’s not really a co-write, it’s just a kinda mentoring thing organised by APRA/PUSH. And secondly, it’s not with Nick, just Mark (and the other two). I wrote “Mark… brother of Nick”.

Q – what are you up to David?
DC Cardwell responded on 04/27/2011
A – Thanks for your question! I’ve been doing a few shows around Melbourne, and editing some videos of me and other people which you can see at my, cardwellers and dccardwellscovers channels. Also been writing new songs. And I’ve just heard that I’ve been selected to do some one-on-one songwriting sessions with three very well-known songwriters – Mark Seymour (of Hunters & Collectors fame, and brother of Nick Seymour out of Crowded House), Jen Cloher and Charles Jenkins, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Q – Did you find Fanbridge trough “DamnTheRadio”? I don’t know enough about it.
DC Cardwell responded on 04/18/2011
A – No, the other way around. I’d heard a lot about FanBridge from various places. I’d say Reverbnation and FanBridge are about neck-and-neck, really. It was just one or two particular things about FB appealed to me, but for the average person with a smallish mailing list there’s not much to choose between them.

Q – Thanx for getting back to me with the info! You are the jokester! Jaymee seems to have a pretty good track record so be patient. You’ll probably get those songs placed! We look forward to a rendezvous
DC Cardwell responded on 04/10/2011
A – Yes, I’m very confident that things will progress well and Jaymee is one in a million so it’s a real privilege to work with him. Hopefully see you soon, Deb!

Q – When do you come back to L.A.? How is your project with Jaymee going? Tell me about Fanbridge. 😉
DC Cardwell responded on 04/09/2011
A – Hi Deb! Still no dates for coming back to LA but I hope to sometime in the next year. It would be good to have more time and maybe do a gig or two and see around a bit more!

As far as I understand, the movie that I did the music for (with Jaymee) has now been split into two – a big feature film and a preceding smaller documentary. That could be good for me, if my songs end up in the bigger film, but knowing my luck they’ll bump me out of the way and get some chump like Randy Newman or Elton John instead, hahah!

So far I quite like Fanbridge. It has a few good features like this “fan questions” thing and the ability to attach free mp3s to newsletters. you can also link it up with DamnTheRadio and make Facebook tabs (see my “free tracks” one). Costs around $9 a month though for 100 emails, and more if you need to send more. Up until recently I was very happy with the free Reverbnation Fanreach system so I’d still say it’s the best place to start.

Q – Can I have some new music from you please?? Not had anything for ages. Love the look of the site. Andy
DC Cardwell responded on 03/30/2011
A – Thanks Andy! I’ll send you an email. Thanks for the airplay in the past and for all your support! DC

Q – how do you stay so good looking? 😉
DC Cardwell responded on 03/29/2011
A – Have you heard of Photoshop? No, really, I can assure you that I’m not good-looking in real life. It’s just that I’m selective and only pick the half-decent looking photos for posting online! If I posted random snapshots of myself I’d scare people away.

Q – What do you need this for? Are you in the CIA?
DC Cardwell responded on 03/29/2011
A – Ha, I know what you mean. It’s for my mailing list which I’m moving over to Fanbridge. I was surprised how vague the confirmation emails looked – they could have been a bit more clear about what it was for. Sorry! ~ DC

Q – Hi DC, Sorry I couldn’t shake yr hand and wish you well when you left Gardenvale so I guess I am doing that now electronically. Congrats for following your dream, you deserve every success. Steve Lewis
DC Cardwell responded on 03/17/2011
A – Thanks Steve! I still do the odd shift in Frankston so our paths may cross again if you happen to be dropping off some repaired equipment some day! Hope business is good at Grale and all’s well with you. DC

Q – What’s the best YouTube video you’ve ever seen?
DC Cardwell responded on 03/15/2011
A – The most amazing and moving video I’ve seen is this sand animation by Kseniya Simonova from Ukraine’s Got Talent. If you haven’t seen her work and that sounds boring to you… it’s not! You’ll probably cry.…

Q – Hi DC!
DC Cardwell responded on 03/15/2011
A – Hi Ian! Good to hear from you. I’ve just switched to FanBridge as I’ve read good things about it so we’ll see how it goes.

See you at!

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