New single by Mondo Quinn (produced by me!)

Mondo Quinn: Produced by DC Cardwell

My Tasmanian friend Mondo Quinn has a new double-A side single out. He recorded it at my studio a couple of weekends ago. Both songs have got his usual early-Beatles melodic verve: they’re what I believe the young people are calling “earworms“.

Mondo is on lead vocals and played all of the electric guitars. I think it’s his best vocal performance yet – I told him to sing more aggressively and do his best “John Lennon voice” and he came up with the goods admirably! We double-tracked them and that was it – no need for multiple takes and a lot of “comping”.

As well as producing it, I played everything else and helped a little bit with the arrangements. But Mondo writes such perfect little melodic songs that they don’t need much dressing up. I particularly love the clever, slightly “rushed” transitions into the different parts of “Love Is The Reason“. The whole thing moves along with a great sense of momentum, which is something I love in a song!

It’s up on Bandcamp on a “pay what you want” basis, in other words you can put in zero dollars and get it for free – Radiohead-style! The address is – that takes you to his main Bandcamp page.

~ DC


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3 Responses to New single by Mondo Quinn (produced by me!)

  1. chrissy says:

    sounds awesome 🙂


  2. Readers Commentsjesse I agree on pretty much every aspect of this review. I loved the album and the songs. Songs like “Stories For Boys” and “Into the Heart” didn’t just fell unstructured or polished, but unfinished, could have been longer, and better if they were. Great Review, love the site.Elliot UKA brilliant review which I agree with mostly. I would have given it a 8 though. Into the Heart and The Electric Co. are masterpieces which should be brought back into U2’s setlist. I also find Another Time, Another Place a good listen. The band had put out a great first effort but their first success wasn’t until War.Will Chicago9–Ah, really enjoy your site, but I think you really underestimte just what a debut U2 had! Boy was before U2 were worred about being the “biggest band in the world”, before their days of taking their social and political consciousness to seriously and before they overplayed the irony of “not being U2” in their ’90’s work. In many ways, I miss this more innocent U2 that was so free of the pretensions that we have come to associate with them. Instead, Boy is just a burst of freshness and energy that I find has aged surprisingly well short of some production touches like the jingles in “I Will Follow” or the echoing vocals of “Twilight”. Songs like Out of Control, Stories for Boys, Electric Co., A Day Without Me, Twilight rock hard with surprising musicianship for four 20 year olds who supposedly didn’t know which end of a guitar they should hold. The Edge, especially, shows a deft touch for memorable riffing and scorching solos. Sure, the album lacks the nuance and variety we would see in later work, but if you think U2 never could “rock out”, listen to this album.


  3. dccardwell says:

    Rolland – I agree with what you’ve said about U2’s “Boy”. I absolutely love it and it’s my favourite of their records. For me, there isn’t a dull moment or a misplaced note. But I wonder why you posted your comment here!


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