International Book Week



The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your Facebook status.

Don’t mention the title.

Copy the rules as part of your status. 


This is the internet meme that has been circulating around Facebook, usually in the 3rd week of September each year (but there’s no harm in doing it any time you want!)

Apparently there is no actual, official “International Book Week” so I’ve set up this Facebook Page for it. (And anyway, what does “official” even mean?)

Reading books is A Good Thing, so I’m all for doing everything we can to encourage the practice!

~ DC Cardwell

 PS: I’ll be developing this page further as time goes by so watch this space over the short term AND the long term!

I’ve also registered the domain and by next year (2014) that should have lots of reading fun. For now it simply redirects to this page so I hope you’re all cool with  that. Share it far and wide every September!

If you have any comments or ideas about how we can develop this idea, please post them at the bottom of this page.

International Book Week logo

Marjorie & DC’s Books

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Marjorie & DC’s Bookcase

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