Describe my music and win the only piece of DC Cardwell merchandise in existence! Plus CDs! [CONTEST NOW CLOSED]

A lot of us (ahem) “artists” have trouble describing our own music. We just make it. We like to think we don’t sound like anyone else.

But everyone tells us we need an “Elevator Pitch” – in other words, if we bump into a top music executive, or even a normal human being, in an elevator, we need to be able to describe our music in the time it takes to reach the next floor. For example “My music sounds like a combination of artist X with artist Y and it does such-and-such.”

So here’s a simple giveaway I’m running. Write an Elevator Pitch for my music. Imagine you’re in that elevator and someone asks you, “What does DC Cardwell sound like?” What would you say?

The contest will be judged by some of my close friends and family who already know what I sound like and they can decide which comments are the most accurate/creative/honest/useful/hyperbolic/funny/sad.

PLEASE NOTE: Entries for this contest closed at midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on the 29th February, 2012.

FIRST PRIZE: A signed copy of my Some Hope CD and the only “DC Cardwell T-shirt” in existence! It’s white, size XL,  with a small, tasteful logo so it shouldn’t be TOO embarrassing to wear. You could probably cover up the logo with a large badge/button featuring a much cooler artist of your choice.

SECOND PRIZE: A signed copy of my Some Hope CD

To enter, simply type your answer to the question “What does DC Cardwell sound like?” in the comment box below, and don’t forget to include your name and email address (which won’t be visible).

Good luck, and pass it on to your friends too!

~ DC

PS: If you don’t know what I sound like, you can hear my music on almost every page of this website!

The T-shirt is brand new and unworn and it came free with some business cards, in case you’re wondering where I got it, and, more to the point, why! Here it is with my “Some Hope” CD.


Here’s 2nd-prize winner Beth showing off her prize!

Beth Howell with her prize, DC's album "Some Hope"

Beth Howell with her prize, DC’s album “Some Hope”

About DC Cardwell
Singer-Songwriter. Please go to

43 Responses to Describe my music and win the only piece of DC Cardwell merchandise in existence! Plus CDs! [CONTEST NOW CLOSED]

  1. Mondo Quinn says:

    DC’s music (Elevator Pitch): “Music to take you down when you’re up”


  2. DC Cardwell says:

    OK, Mondo, that’s the elevator pun out of the way. Now for the real entries!


  3. Frank Landsman says:

    DC Cardwell’s music is like a seashell permanently attached to our ears, whispering wonderfully wistful tunes that will wander with us forever.


  4. Marilyn King says:

    DC Cardwell’s music is like liquid chocolate – smooth, sweet and addictive.


  5. Paul Keeble says:

    Uplifting, hopeful and accessible words tastefully arranged over melodies that stick around in your head…. but in good way.


  6. judy hingson says:

    DC your music is calm and peaceful. Very calming to the mind and uplifting to the soul.


  7. Maureen Roy says:

    (I’ve never won anything in my life so I hope I win this one!!)

    It’s my Beatle music. My yoga music. Soothing, thoughtful, great guitar playing, it takes you away to a peaceful place.


  8. David Slater says:

    Melodic Pop Rock, with a hint of folk music, a cross between Neil Young and Tom Petty. Upbeat life stories in song.


  9. George Romiti says:

    DC’s music is like a warm wind on a cold day! Musically speaking… DC is a fine composer & musician, LOVE ALL HIS STUFF, someday will meet up and play something together. ALL THE BEST …George Romiti


  10. Faye turner says:

    Beautiful songs, down to earth, well written. Sad, joyful. Music that people want and like.


  11. Sue Bahat says:

    DC melodies and musicianship are first-rate — organic and extraordinarily appealing. If you love Bob Dylan,Neil Young or Jim Croce you’ll enjoy DC’s who has developed a sound and style that comes straight out of the left ventricle of classic rock’n’roll. Memories of the music my parents played,that lulled me to sleep.


  12. Dee says:

    DC Cardwell’s music is refreshing, unique, and his vocals touch my soul, his renditions of the Beatles and other artist’s are fantastic, but DC’s own music and lyrics are incredibly meaningful and go straight to the heart. Love listening so much I decided to make DC a video in American Sign Language so I can share it with the deaf! Your awesome DC!


  13. Michelle Page says:

    Does that matter? DC you’re one of a kind, you have your own sound like no one else, your voice lyrics and music is to die for, you’re improving all the time. We just can’t get enough of your music, it’s alternative music with a twist. I’m so proud of you and I am your no 1 fan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  14. Sherri Ross says:

    David, I would say that your music reminds me of a modern day James Taylor. The passion of the storyteller and the beautiful guitar work like his. We have gotten so far away from those great men/women of the 70s that wrote beautiful songs and lyrics like this and I love your music because it takes me back to that time when we were so carefree; riding in the car with the windows down and singing along to every word! Your music is also very refreshing; as a little break from all the metal I pound my head and heart with! It’s like coming home! I love the name of your CD “Some Hope” – so appropriate! We could all use some hope!


  15. Nirmal Gerow says:

    DC Cardwell’s sound is a combination of the Beatles and Neil Young. His songs are about peace and love while dealing with telephone solicitors instead of a friend just dropping by. Reading books instead of knowing the person behind the story. The struggle of a lonely society.


  16. DC Cardwell’s music is a breath of fresh air in a world full of stale sounds. He brings songs to life and shares it with the rest of us.


  17. chrissy says:

    DC is a bit like Paul McCartney only way better looking 🙂 His voice is similar to Phil Keaggy’s, musically he reminds me of the Beatles and his lyrics are thought provoking and entertaining. Overall DC is a treat for your ears.


  18. Beth Howell says:

    DC Cardwell’s music is like a cool, humane, hand on a fevered brow. It is the sound of understanding; the sound of fellowship; the echos of precious things you may have forgotten. His music makes the day clearer, and his voice picks you up right when you need it. Thank you, DC! – Zemmiwinks 🙂


  19. Johnny Logan says:

    I’ve only listened to one of his compositions but his music is very energizing and upbeat with shades of George Harrison and makes you want to bop and smile.


  20. Nirmal Gerow says:

    I vote for Beth Howell’s comment.


  21. Hi David. I have 2 descriptions: –
    (1) intelligent folk-sy pop rock with a retro feel that hearkens back to the best of the 60s – a la the Fab Four & the Byrds
    (2) what Radiohead might sound like if they released an album of 60s-influenced rock


  22. Mandy Gould says:

    Whatever your mood, whatever the day or time, you will find something of DC Cardwell’s music that will balance you .. Enjoy xx


  23. Victor Stranges says:

    DC Cardwell specializes in writing well crafted pop songs with thought provoking lyrics that swim in an ocean of musical hooks.


  24. Mondo Quinn says:

    DC’s music is like a cool breeze on a Summer’s night… a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy room… a chocolate biscuit in a tin of peanuts.


  25. Jimmy Drew says:

    DC Cardwell’s music is incredibly refreshing great Pop Rock done in his own unique way. I can hear lots of influences in his music but can not nail it down to just one or two. I dig your music and wish you continued success .


  26. Nick F says:

    DC Cardwell is like your favorite band, only better.


  27. Paul Musgrave says:

    Authentic Californian acoustic rock, straight from Britain via the Australian outback.


  28. Suzanne King says:

    DC Cardwell’s music embraces and evokes all emotions with every heartfelt lyric sung, Reality is embraced although harsh and emotions are shared.Sheer Brilliance with every tune. There is a somewhat folk, rock sound to the songs. P.S. I PLAYED THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT OVER AND OVER..LOVE IT XXXXXXXXX


  29. Christine Garcia says:

    DC Cardwell’s music makes me remember how I felt listening to music when I was young, sitting on the floor with my 45’s and daydreaming for hours to the music. It is the kind of music that you can get “high” off of. It makes me feel young again and I wish it were more in the mainstream American hit charts so I could flip on the radio and here it there too. Love it!


  30. Nancy Allen says:

    Sex, drugs, cool t-shirts, and DC Cardwell all affect me in the same way: By flooding my brain with the pleasure chemical dopamine.


  31. Nancy Allen says:

    Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture


  32. Sheila Knowles says:

    So much music these days is manufactured – mass produced, churned out of the digital equivalent of a factory floor. Not so with DC Cardwell’s songs… every one of these gems is lovingly and meticulously handcrafted, the way music should be.


  33. JoAnn Gilmore/Arnall says:

    Refreshingly Retro! A loving handcrafted gem spanning the years of time with appeal for all who appreciate the dopamines of pleasure that listening to DC Cardwell can aspire one to. Thank you David for giving us all this opportunity ~ surely one of the Masters, Scholars & Gentleman of today’s music world 🙂


  34. Melanie says:

    DC’s music is heaven to my ears, I fell in love with it about 3 yrs ago. Just reminds me so much of the Beatles.


  35. Kayte Devlin says:

    DC Cardwell’s Musicality is Awe Inspiring ! To his Greatest Fans , DC Composes Produces ,Interprets and Delivers THE Song for What Ever Mood You are in. Along that Long Stretch Of Highway We Call LIFE , DC is on My Radio! Station 24/7!


  36. Harry Gore says:

    DC’s songs combine the best elements of folk, British Invasion, a touch of Larry Norman and tons o’ truth. His heart is deep in the grooves of every song. Happy to be a fan!


  37. mark dickson says:

    Unsmiling, uncompromising. If Tom Petty sang Bob Dylan vs Van Morrison in a satire version of Damien Rice, you would only get the ripple on the surface of this deep ocean of a singer/songwriter.


  38. DC Cardwell says:

    Thanks for all your entries! The contest is now officially over and judging will take place over the weekend. Winners will be announced soon! ~ DC


  39. DC Cardwell says:

    Well, all six judges have cast their votes, the results have been tallied up, and it’s time to announce the winner (clears throat)…

    Overall winner (T-shirt & CD) ~ Nick F
    2nd prize (CD) ~ Beth Howell

    Congratulations to Nick and Beth, and commiserations to everyone else. I really enjoyed reading the entries, and of course, as soon as I started the contest I realised that it looked like a classic case of “fishing for compliments” but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I was rather chuffed with the nice things you all said about my music!

    I also hated having to narrow it down to only two winners, but, well, that’s the rough-and-tumble world of contests 😦

    Thanks again to everyone who took part, and don’t forget you can join my mailing list at to be informed of future contests.

    ~ DC


  40. Nirmal Gerow says:

    Congrats friends!


  41. DC Cardwell says:

    DC here… Beth Howell sent me a lovely photo of her showing off her “Some Hope” CD, which I’ve posted on the contest page. Thanks Beth!


  42. Nirmal Gerow says:

    Looking good Beth!


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