Our ladder. It’s nice.

The Satellite TV guys came around this morning to replace our TV box. They took the opportunity to check our satellite dish while they were at it. Our ladder was on the ground right beneath it so they used it. While one guy climbed up the other guy said, “Nice ladder!” so I replied, “Yeah, I guess it’s OK. It takes you from A to B. As long as B is above A.” (Actually I didn’t say that bit about A & B.)

Anyway, he went on and on singing the praises of our ladder. I said I bought in Canada and he was most impressed by that. He said, “It’s wider than most ladders… it’s a good ladder… it’s a VERY nice ladder…”

I guess I never really appreciated it before. I went out later to take the photos for this riveting article, looked at the little blue plastic bits at the end of the ladder and thought, wow, it’s pretty amazing that they’ve survived being outdoors for 20 years and haven’t perished.

I twisted one of the plastic bits in an affectionate but manly manner and a piece broke off in my hand.

~ DC

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