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Treated myself to the Last Waltz Box Set today. Enjoyed disc 1 so far – really nice stuff that’s not on the original album or in the film. 

I downloaded it years ago from N#$^%er or some such place, but it sounded really weedy and disappointing, but it must have been either the bootleg version or badly ripped because the sound quality on this set is fine.

This Wheels On Fire” is the most rollicking, least creepy version I’ve heard. And the live version of “The Weight”  is great. Muddy Waters swinging through“Caldonia” is also great fun.

The Band really were amazing for a big 70s rock band. They could play many rootsy styles of music with great authenticity, especially blues-based and New Orleans styles. Imagine any other major rock act of the time having to back up Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Bobby Charles, Dr. John etc, and doing it with such aplomb.

Considering that they were known for getting away from the whole white-blues-rock thing and creating original music that in some ways reached further back, and in other ways pointed the way forward, they were soundly based in the rock and roll form. As is also clear from the early 60s Hawks material on the “Musical History” box set.

Three discs to go!

Any new Robbie Robertson guitar solo is a joy and we never get sick of that squeaky thing he does on his Strat. Do you think he means it? Everyone lauds him for it, but maybe he can’t help it and it really annoys him! 😉

~ DC

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