New studio, new gear, new songs… [Newsletter 5th Jan 2008]

Hi friends!

Edirol M-16DX Digital Mixer and Audio Interface
Edirol M-16DX

First of all, thanks to all of you for subscribing to my newsletter… it’s very much appreciated!

It’s been a very busy few months since my last one. I’ve moved house and with that and setting up the home in general and also my new home studio, and getting the yard organised, and also starting a new job, I’m afraid music has been on the back burner for a while.

The new studio has turned out really well, though. It’s very effectively soundproofed so I can make a racket at all hours without disturbing anyone. And I’ve splashed out on a new digital interface, the Edirol M-16DX, which is about a hundred steps up from my previous Soundblaster Live game soundcard that I recorded on. I’m hoping to piece together a new and improved drum kit and actually purchase some non-broken cymbals, so you should notice a difference in the drum sounds on the new tunes.

I’m now ready to record some new songs. Some of the titles are “Can’t Try Hard Enough”, “The Truth”, “The Sun, The Moon, The Stars”, “27 Kinds Of Tears” and “The Spirit Is Willing”.

Cheers ~ DC

PS: I bought a cheapo mail-order violin ($40!) last week to make some noises with. Another good reason to have a soundproofed room. Here’s a prehistoric photo of me pretending to play a violin… that’s my good friends Rodney Cordner to my right and John Montgomery to my left.

Rodney Cordner, DC Cardwell, John Montgomery c.1981
Rod Cordner, me and Mont around 1981 at Rod’s place.

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