The Tom Song – Milestone or Millstone?

[imported from MySpace, appropriately enough]

OK, so I really was thinking of deleting it and pretending it never existed. I mean my song “Tom Is Everybody’s Friend”, which is about Tom Anderson, the founder of MySpace.

But I see it’s very nearly up to 20,000 plays, so I guess I should let the clock tick round a bit more before I do anything rash.

It’s not that I don’t like it – I actually think it’s one of the best things I’ve done, but, well, you know, MySpace was sooo 2006 and the song is inextricably linked with it to most people. (Although I don’t see why it shouldn’t stand up on its own – you don’t have to know who the Maharishi is to appreciate Sexy Sadie.)

And over a year later, I guess MySpace Tom isn’t going to make it the MySpace anthem and somehow make me a lot of money out of it.

I was thinking of re-recording it with some other name to try and cash in on some other craze. Maybe even “cash in” literally this time. Any ideas?

– DC


Tom Anderson finally heard the Tom song and commented on it when I sent it to him on Google + in July 2011!

 ———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tom Anderson (Google+) <>
Date: Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 6:17 PM
Subject: Re: Fun Photos for Google+ Part II
To: dc.cardwell

+DC Cardwell nice song! There was a guy who wrote about 10-15 — an entire album “songs about Tom” — they were parodies. I’d never heard yours ; it actually sounds legit 🙂

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2 Responses to The Tom Song – Milestone or Millstone?

  1. carie says:

    you should know that ‘tom is everybody’s friend’ is one of my favourites, of all your songs! even if nostalgic now…. i just love the tom song 😀


  2. DC Cardwell says:

    Haha, nice to hear that Carie. What are you doing digging around old blogs of mine from from 2007! Haven’t you got a life? 😉

    Actually, its one of my favourites too, for a lot of reasons – the sound is just nice and it’s, well, it’s the kind of thing I like. It’s the sort of song where, if I didn’t have to take into consideration the fact that I feel my songs should be varied, I would just keep writing over and over. And it really was the one where people’s reactions made me think, “I should keep doing this.”

    And I think I just about stayed on the safe side of corny too. Do you remember the kinds of other songs that people wrote about Tom? I was incredibly chuffed when Tom finally heard it and said, “it actually sounds legit” and added a little smiley. That meant a lot to me!


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