Sensory Lullabies No. 35 on Amazon!

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Here’s a note from Burning Sky Records – apparently the Jellyfish Tribute album is number 35 on the compilation charts at Amazon!

It would be great if some of you good people who have purchased it would head over there and write a quick review, too.

Cheers – DC

Jellyfish fans,

As of 9pm US Eastern Standard time tonight, “Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute to Jellyfish” had reached number 3,408 overall at Amazon, and number 35 in Music Compilations!  This is great news!

The numbers move around a lot, but I’m still kind of blown away.  I honestly believe that if people give “Sensory Lullabies” a chance, they’re really going to like it.  Hopefully, the good news will continue.

If you have already received your copy of “Sensory Lullabies,” you might want to leave a review of the Album at Amazon – you’d be amazed how many people see those reviews.  There are a couple of great reviews posted already – thank you, Dave and Tim!!!

McFly’s “Baby’s Coming Back” rockets to number 1 in the UK in May, “Sensory Lullabies” hits number 35 at Amazon, “Beatnik Beatch” gets re-released next month, Sextus’ debut Album is coming out soon, and we here at Burning Sky Records may be releasing a bunch of incredible unreleased Imperial Drag material soon – it’s a great time to be a Jellyfish fan!

Cheers, and thank you so much for all of your support!

Alan and the Burning Sky Records Jellyfish Tribute Album Team

Sensory Lullabies-Tribute To Jellyfish featuring DC Cardwell
Sensory Lullabies CDs featuring DC Cardwell and many other artists!

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