Bob Dylan video collection, Theme Time Radio Hour, Slane Castle, Dublin etc.

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Attention all you Bob Dylan fans!

(And you other two can listen in as well, if you like.)

This morning I blew a ridiculous amount of money on three tickets to see Bob Dylan at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne in August. We don’t often go to big concerts, or even small ones, because the prices are just two high for ordinary people.

But I’ve missed so many legends over the years, and so many of them have gone now, and I happen to be re-reading Robert Shelton‘s riveting biography of Dylan right now, so I thought, “this is it!” And Dylan’s been on a bit of a creative peak for a good few years now, although who knows what mood he’ll be in on the night! Apparently four years ago in Melbourne he hid behind a piano all night and was somewhat  underwhelming, at least according to some accounts.

The only other time I saw him was at Slane Castle, Dublin in 1984, and he was not in the greatest form, I suppose, but it was heads-down-no-nonsense bar-room rock with Ian McLagan (The Faces) on keys, Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones) on guitar, and I forget who else. Van Morrison, Carlos Santana and Bono joined him for a few songs, so at least it was a bit of an event.

Bob also seems remarkably cheerful these days, as his XM Theme Time Radio Hour demonstrates. Young Samuel and I were listening to one show while playing pool* recently and Bob actually burst into a sustained fit of sincere belly laughter to our great amusement!

Anyway, I found this diverting collection of his videos on Google Videos at and thought you might like to sit down for a while and remind yourself just how great he can be.

I’ve just watched the charming Johnny Cash Show segment, and now I’m going to have a look at the DA Pennebaker out-takes.

Have fun!


* Sadly, I have to admit that it was “Virtual Pool” on the computer, not quite as cool as real pool. It’s a little thing Samuel and I do while catching up on our music listening. Yes, it is pathetic, I know, I know! Still, it’s quality father-and-son time, in a way. Better than Chuck E. Cheese. Anything’s better than Chuck E. Cheese.

PS: Here are some photos I took of Dylan back in 1984 at Slane Castle in Dublin, Ireland.

Bob Dylan at Slane Castle, Dublin,1984 - photos by DC Cardwell

Bob Dylan at Slane Castle, Dublin,1984 – photos by DC Cardwell

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