Two of my songs on Pop Garden Radio Anniversary Special!

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Many of you fans of tuneful and energetic pop/rock/powerpop music will already be familiar with Adam Waltemire‘s Pop Garden Radio show on WMEL Radio out of that other Melbourne, the one in Florida.

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Adam was one of the first people to encourage me when I put my efforts songs up on MySpace, and in fact he gave me a huge boost of confidence by playing me on the show and asking me to submit a track for the forthcoming Rick Nelson Tribute Album that he is putting together.

So it is with great pleasure that I pass along the news that tomorrow (Sunday 27th May) is the show’s 2nd Anniversary special!

Adam will be playing not one but TWO of my tracks on the show, namely my version of Rick Nelson’s very beautiful self-penned song “Life”, and also my rendition of “I Wanna Stay Home” by Jellyfish. (I’m just hoping he doesn’t play them as part of his “What the Heck is This?” segment!)

I’ve also recorded a little jingle for the program, which he might just manage to slip in as well. My first effort at jingle-writing, which I composed in exactly the same length as it took to play!

Pop Garden Radio airs late Saturday night in the USA, 12am to 5am Eastern on AM920 WMEL as well as on the web at so don’t miss it! ~ DC

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