DC Cardwell’s version of I Wanna Stay Home “a bit weak”

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Someone on the Jellyfish Mailing List wrote, regarding “Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute To Jellyfish”:

“Excellent stuff. Though I do find DC Cardwell’s version of I Wanna Stay Home to be a bit weak. (Sorry).
Samples of the EP on NotLame sounded great so I’ve order a copy of that already.”

He may be right about my contribution (see the video on my profile and make up your own mind), but the good news is, he still liked the tracks on the EP! And I’m telling you – all the other tracks that I’ve heard from the main double-CD are absolutely top-class!

So… buy the EP now and when you get the full album my track comes in pretty early so you can go and make yourself a cuppa while it’s playing and then sit back to enjoy the remaining 30 tracks!

Cheers – DC

PS: Here are some details about the EP from Alan Heaton, the man behind the project:


The 5-track Preview EP titled “Hello! A Tribute to Jellyfish” is finally available at: http://store.prostores.com/burningskyrecords

The EP is available for purchase RIGHT NOW, so order your copy now while supplies last! The is the first-ever release from Burning Sky Records, and it is destined to be a Collector’s Item. Get your copy before Warner Brothers or someone buys us out! 🙂

The EP features The Sonic Executive Sessions’ incredible cover of the unreleased Jellyfish song “Hello,” which I have posted on our MySpace jukebox. Here is the complete track listing:

Jellyfish Tribute EP (Hello)

1. Hello – The Sonic Executive Sessions
2. Bedspring Kiss* – Tommi Zender
3. Joining a Fan Club – threads
4. Calling Sarah – Ken Morrison
5. Glutton of Sympathy* – Edison Gower

*EP-only tracks

The cost of the EP is $6.99, which I hope you’ll think is a fair price for 5 way cool covers of Jellyfish songs. Again, the EP is meant to serve as a preview of “Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute to Jellyfish,” which will be a 35-track, 2-CD release that is scheduled to come out sometime this Summer. It will likely be a few months before “Sensory Lullabies” is ready to be released, so we wanted to have something great to tide you over until then – all five of these tracks rock!

This is a huge day for all of us on the Burning Sky Records Jellyfish Tribute Album Team. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning last fall, and you know how much work it’s taken to finally get to this point. We are honored to be releasing the first proper tribute to Jellyfish, and we hope that you enjoy it.

Alan and the Burning Sky Records Jellyfish Tribute Album Team

About DC Cardwell
Singer-Songwriter. Please go to http://www.dccardwell.com

See you at dccardwell.com!

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