Remixing “Nobody Taught Me”

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My friend Tony The Chameleon  ( pointed out a little oddity on my song “Nobody Taught Me”

It was an electric guitar chord in verse 2 that was even further out of time than is usual for me, sloppy as I am.

So, of course, if a plain, ordinary ex-recording-studio-owner and über-music-fan like Tony noticed it, I clearly had no other option than to go back to the original multitrack on the computer and fix it.

I fixed it by taking that guitar right out of the second verse. Easy!

On the other hand, this was only the second halfway presentable song I ever recorded and I was rather shocked to find a lot of horrific glitches and noises in the tracks! And actual gaps throughout the drum track! About ten spaces where there was just silence – just a fraction of a second each, but very jarring. Tricky to fix, but I managed it.

One electric guitar track was covered with hiss that would make a 1975 Phillips portable dictaphone proud, and another had so many pops and crackles that I thought for a moment that I had lifted it off one of my dad’s 78s.

While I was in there, deep in the bowels of the song, I also fixed a few other things with the benefit of a couple more years of home recording experience.

DC's Epiphone Dot and Peavey Delta Blues

So, the end result… ta-da! Probably, to anyone’s ears but mine,  well, exactly the same as it was before!

But I’m calling it a re-mix and putting it back on my profile to celebrate and make the hours that I put into it seem worthwhile!

(Hey, I just noticed that there are five consonants in a row in the word “worthwhile”!)

I think this song has gone back on my profile more than any other one, which is probably because it’s still my favourite, despite being one of my earliest ones.

~ DC

PS: I know I should be working on a new song or two, but this just had to be done! It’s been torturing me ever since Tony mentioned it!

PPS: This is the electric guitar that I use for almost all my recordings, my Epiphone Dot Deluxe, with my Peavey Delta Blues amp.

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